Our Top 10 … so far

We are very excited to finally reach the ten review mark.  So excited, in fact, that we thought it was time to offer our rankings, so far.  It’s no surprise that they are nearly identical.

It just does not get any better looking than this...

Feast: the unanimous #1

Neil’s Top 10 … so far

  1. Feast:This burger was a complete knockout.  It is the most expensive burger we have reviewed so far, but it is worth every penny.
  2. Sweet Grass:The 10th burger we reviewed comes in as my #2.  The Pimento Burger is not that far behind Feast and might have been 1b if the patty was cooked as requested and the bun was toasted.  It really delivered with its big flavors and was a great value, coming in at $8.95.
  3. Uptown Café:No frills here.  This was an excellent, grilled, classic cheeseburger.  Full of flavor and well executed.
  4. Scotty’s Brewhouse:I almost slipped Nick’s in at the 4 spot, but I found myself having more memories of our trip to Scotty’s than the cheeseburger at Nick’s.  I think there’s a reason for that.
  5. Nick’s English Hut:This was the first spot we reviewed, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.  5 may look like a bad spot to be in on a top 10 list, but I never hesitate to recommend Nick’s.  If we were ranking the atmosphere, then Nick’s would be a shoo in for the top spot.
  6. Hinkle’s Hamburgers:Hinkle’s is a tough place to rank, because its burgers are so different from everything else we have had.  They serve small, fast food style burgers, while most other restaurants in town serve pub or restaurant style burgers.  However, Hinkle’s does its job well.
  7. The Trojan Horse:The last four spots on this list were the hardest, and the Trojan Horse finds itself in the 7 spot, because it did not fail to execute like the next three restaurants.  While good, nothing about it really stood out.
  8. Scholars Inn Bakehouse:The Hangover Burger is a good concept, and the flavors were pretty much all there.  However, there were so many execution problems that even ranking it 8th out of 10 may be generous.
  9. The Player’s Pub:I thought I would rank this higher, but I just couldn’t.  The onion rings were my favorite part of the meal.  That says something about the burger.
  10. Village Deli:Bad.

Chris’ Top 10 … so far

  1. Feast:A creative, juicy burger with so much flavor your tastebuds sing for the rest of the day.
  2. Sweet Grass:So close to another perfect 5 out of 5. The Smoke Shack was so flavorful and varied in textures and elements, it was a real treat.
  3. Uptown Café:A classy, classic hamburger with good beef that makes you perfectly happy to not go to any other part of town.
  4. Scotty’s Brewhouse:Peanut butter on a burger actually worked well. High marks on inventiveness and quality despite the restaurant’s multiple locations.
  5. Nick’s English Hut:Nick’s proved why they have been a favorite restaurant for the better part of a century with their quality burger.
  6. The Trojan Horse:Not Greek, nor Turkish, nor horse. The Trojan Horse may have been the biggest surprise — a quality diner-style burger jumping out where you least expect it.
  7. Hinkle’s Hamburgers:A Bloomington institution with excellent smash burger technique, it would rate higher if it were not for very steep competition.
  8. Scholars Inn Bakehouse:What a sad drop off from the quality of Hinkle’s and the other burgers above. Poor execution, even for the low price.
  9. The Player’s Pub:A townie institution makes a burger that is ultimately just okay.
  10. Village Deli:I considered going in for a doctor’s check up after this burger from VD. The worst.

4 thoughts on “Our Top 10 … so far

  1. surprisingly, Runcible Spoon (at least used to) have one of my favorite two burgers in town – a close race with Upland’s burgers. It’s a uniformly thick patty (which I consider important in order for the fat to render enough to make it juicy – too thick in the middle and it’s just undercooked) with a nicely seasoned flavor. Get it with grilled onions and feta and you’re in business.

  2. I stumbled across this while studying and it’s the blog form of what I’ve been tallying. I noticed that you do not have Bub’s Burgers on your list. Feast is my #1 all time favorite Burger in Bloomington but Bub’s is my second favorite. (I thought Sweet Grass should be a lot lower on your list) I also feel like Upland needs to be on there as well. Just a thought from a procrastinating 2L who shares your affinity for bloomington burgers.

    • Sherry,
      We have a lot of people telling us to go to Bub’s and we hope to get there before we graduate! Upland has some good burgers, I agree. We’ve both been, just not for a review yet. Another I hope to add before we head out of town. Thanks for reading.

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